About Krav Hagana

This Method was developed by Master Enrique Daniel Welcher, when he was Senior Personal Defense Instructor of the School of Israeli Marine Cadets (The Israel Nautical College) in the city of Acre, in Israel.

Krav Hagana is a defense system targeted at the armed forces, which requires a fast and effective defense which is easy to learn. And also it is a defense system for regular citizens to deal with violent threats in everyday life.

Krav Hagana can be translated, “combat of defense”. It utilizes simple, memorable techniques to transform students’ perception when facing an adversary. The system distills the essence of defensive moves from many martial arts programs, in a form that can be easily absorbed and used by anyone.

Israeli Krav Hagana is based on the teachings of the great Israeli Professors of Martial Arts and the teachings of ancient martial arts knowledge from the Far East. Master Enrique Daniel Welcher combined these teachings to create a martial art with very quick and effective results.

His technique is easy to learn and applies without regard of gender or physical condition.
The teaching program was developed in such a way to reach the maximum level of learning and perfection during a short time.

At the very first stages, the basic techniques are developed in a deductive way, so that practicing these techniques can be done after each practice as if they had been practiced for the student's entire life.

Programs of improvement and learning are developed so that students won't need several training courses every week. They focus on a monthly training program which offers better outcome in a short period of time.

The cadets at of the Israeli Marine Cadets high-school (The Israel Nautical College) in Acre have used the Krav Hagana for years now. By applying these techniques in national competitions, the school won a national championship and many regional awards.
Another institute that is using the techniques is the School of Israeli Police Cadets in "Kiryat Hachinuch", in the city of Maalot, with excellent results.

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